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Class of 1978

Members and Graduates

To see if your friends have registered... click on the letter of the last name that your friend had at graduation 1978. ALSO, sorry folks but I used what ever pictures could find, some snapshots, some graduation pictures and some all the way back to 10th grade. So if you don't like the picture ... send me a new one.:~)

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Class Reunion Information *** (WHEN I GET SOME INFORMATION)

"Those who are no longer with us"
Just some fun stuff (page under construction)
"1978 Class Officers"
FZH 1978 Homepage

Please send me a email at the address below, let me know what information you would like for me to put on your page, you can also email me pictures and I will add that to your home page too.
If you have any information on our friends that have passed on please send me the information as I would still like to add them to the Tribute page.
If you have any ideas for the page I am always open for suggestions, I do have plans to have a page for Class reunion updates ... as soon as I find out about any:~)
Thanks and I really look forward to hearing from you. Debbie:~)

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